Aesthetic and fragrant appeal of UNDERGREEN perfumes now available at Harvey Nichols

UNDERGREEN Black and White Classic Flacons

Created by Patrice Cardenoso and Jérôme Bonnet, UNDERGREEN® was born out of their passion to create luxurious and glamorous looking natural perfumes.

UNDERGREEN Gold Classic perfume flaconWith no other perfumes on the market that offered ‘aesthetic appeal’ – they sought to prove that natural products can be luxurious, creative and contemporary designed. “Our dream was to create perfumes that were natural (green) and we wanted to express that nature will always reclaim its right (even roots will appear through the cracks in the city). So we mixed underground with green and we came up with the name, UNDERGREEN”

UNDERGREEN® assembles the know-how inherited from French traditional perfumery and today’s advanced, environmentally-friendly extraction techniques. Capturing the true essence of nature, the result is rare and precious oils and extracts which exude all the purity and subtlety, offering olfactory benefits – seducing and enhancing the senses. UNDERGREEN is proof that you can create contemporary perfumes with 100% natural ingredients. “With BLACK, WHITE and GOLD we broke the codes of the industry with their innovative design and natural component.”

New GOLD, WHITE and BLACK are now available at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge and

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