PRET A DINER returns to LONDON with “ITALIANS DO IT BETTER” from May 9 – June 30!

sushi photo from PRET A DINER The Minotaur in Old Vic Tunnels London 2011

Last year’s “The Minotaur” back in October 2011 has remained the most talked about culinary event in London ever since, with PRET A DINER causing a clash of worlds as their Michelin-starred cuisine met the grit of the London’s underground. Set in the spookily alluring Old Vic Tunnels, “The Minotaur” saw the PRET A DINER team transform a disused tube tunnel into a Michelin star restaurant, amid an incredible exhibition put on by Lazarides.

Michelin Star cuisine being prepared at PRET A DINER The Minotaur Old Vic Tunnels London 2011

Now, a little over half a year later, in the run up to the London Olympics, PRET A DINER are back and following the insatiable demand for tickets to this years event “ITALIANS DO IT BETTER” is now underway amidst the inspiring grandeur of 50 St James’s which is otherwise no longer open to the public and has just temporarily been reopened for the sole purpose of hosting the already legendary PRET A DINER experience.

Canapes at PRET A DINER The Minotaur Old Vic Tunnel London 2011

Sashimi at PRET A DINER The Minotaur Old Vic Tunnels 2011

Michelin Star cuisine at PRET A DINER The Minotaur Old Vic Tunnels 2011

“ITALIANS DO IT BETTER” will showcase the origins and latest innovations in Italian cuisine. Presented by a round of Italian chefs, totalling a handsome 6 Michelin Stars and orchestrated by celebrated Chef Giorgio Locatelli. Beyond the obvious culinary allure, “ITALIANS DO IT BETTER” will also showcase the works of Italian contemporary artists, curated by The Gazelli Art House, Lorenzo Ronchini, Julian Farrow of Art Sensus and Olivia Steele co-founder of Pret A Diner, and a private floor for cocktails and dinner for up to 120 people. To further compliment the Italian theme, in true style the performance art features a line-up of Italian live musicians, to lift your spirits at dinner.

On PRET A DINER’S last visit to London, they sold out 10 days before opening. So given that they have now already started, all I can say is that if you want any chance of saving yourself one of the limited seats at 50 St James’s Street, literally call or email us immediately to reserve:

Contact: Sam Bryan-Merrett on or call (+44) (0)20 3137 3660

Viva Italia!

50 St James’s Street,
London SW1A 1JT
May 9 – June 30