Bring 5* Dining Home with Electrolux’s Grand Cuisine System

Grand Cuisine Molteni Cooking Appliance
Recreating a Michelin-starred dining experience within the confines of your own home is a notion most without personal chefs would meet with hearty disregard. Although, if you discovered there was indeed a way to enjoy food at home that met the standards of the likes of Alain Ducasse and Tom Aikens, for example, it’s probably safe to assume this same whole heartedness that once found solace in disregard, would be displaced into feelings of excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm. Well, prepare yourselves, as modern culinary technology has made this the case exactly. Introducing Electrolux Grand Cuisine: the pioneering professional cooking system tailored to suit domesticity and some of the world’s most exquisite homes.

Whether your intentions are tender, perfectly cooked, succulent pieces of meat or crisp, vibrant and flavoursome vegetables, Grand Cuisine can help you achieve professional results with ease and simplicity. The Electrolux Grand Cuisine system comprises nine separate appliances, which will revolutionise home cooking and no doubt change the course of dinner parties and home entertainment forever. The vision is to bring the art of high-dining to a domestic environment and thus make fine food more accessible while reinterpreting the meaning behind ‘home made’. The selection of appliances on offer have all been adapted from professional equipment commonly seen and used in top restaurant kitchens. Now, all are encouraged to take charge of their culinary destiny, with a top chef employed for an introductory session to demonstrate and initiate each new purchaser.

Grand Cuisine: Fully-Integrated Vacuum Sealing Appliance

Grand Cuisine: Fully-Integrated Combination Oven

The most innovative appliances which have been adapted to suit a domestic situation are the combination oven and vacuum sealer, which are essentially the perfect pair for cooking sous-vide. For those who do not know, sous-vide is a cooking method that requires an exacting temperature to cook a vacuum-sealed food product submerged in water. This has recently met a technological advancement as the same method can now be used with steam instead of water. The result is a piece of meat or selection of vegetables which have been cooked completely throughout, without loosing any nutrients or natural juices (which is so often the case when we mercilessly boil vegetables or grill the life and taste out of an incredible steak).

Grand Cuisine: Stand Mixer

Grand Cuisine: Full-Integrated Induction Hob

The nine products that make up this incredible range include the combination oven; the blast chiller; the vacuum sealer; the induction zone; the surround induction zone, the sear hob; the gas hob; the stand mixer and a Molteni range cooker – for the ultimate at-home dining experience all appliances can be purchased for an estimated £78, 000. However, it should said that all appliances are not interdependent and can be purchased separately, according to your requirements. In saying this, there are some aspects which work perfectly in tandem, as the aforementioned combination oven and vacuum sealer demonstrate.

Grand Cuisine: Full-Integrated Blastchiller

Grand Cuisine: Fully-Integrated Gas Hob

The sleek, fully-integrable design of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine selection also adds more weight to its desirability and has even encouraged architects and interior designers to build and design with this equipment in mind for new-build luxury homes and developments. With features like the capacity to boil a liter of water in 16 seconds, or chill a case of champagne down to the optimum drinking temperature of 8˚C in just 30 minutes each appliance boasts ‘star-of-the-show’ status. When combined you have the ultimate kitchenware with which to impress your guests, improve you cooking skills or simply make life easier for your personal chef.

Whichever the case may be, it is without doubt a huge leap forward in home cooking. Now 5* dining can be achieved at home, without the need for black tie dress or journeying around London; why not invite the chefs round and impress them instead?

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Grand Cuisine: Fully-Integrated Induction Zone

Grand Cuisine: Fully-Integrated Sear Hob

Written by Jodie Jones

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