Archer Street – Soho’s trendiest and most distinguished watering hole

Archer Street 2 -3

In the streets of Soho one can find many hidden gems. One such gem is Archer Street, although apparently everyone else has already discovered it too. Nestled discretely on Archer Street, the street’s namesake bar has become somewhat of a haven for workers and Soho’s trendiest cocktail aficionados alike. In typical Soho fashion, the bar is cool. I paid it a visit on a typically mundane Tuesday evening. 

A high, stooled table near the door awaited my small party of three, although if you are lucky (or book ahead) you just might be able to bag yourself one of the palatial, cushioned sofas or deep chairs scattered about the room. Archer Street is a unique place. The bar is small, but still manages to contain plenty of pleasure seekers without seeming uncomfortably crowded. Nevertheless, the popularity of the bar is apparent from the moment you walk in, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Luscious flowers fill elegant vases that sit atop rustic wood tables adorned with glowing church candles. The whole place has somewhat of a Dickensian feel to it (that is, if you were to transport a Dickensian watering hole to the centre of modern Soho the outcome may resemble Archer Street). Caught somewhere between the furnishings of an upmarket London bar and the cosy interior of a Cotswold living room, Archer Street provides a nirvana laced with sophistication and lavishness.

If it isn’t the décor enticing folk inside, and fine décor certainly has a part to play, then the extensive cocktail selection, drinks menu and wine list surely has something to do with Archer Street’s popularity. My guests and I sat down to cocktails, chuckling at some of their apt names: Cuban Cigar, A Knight in the 90’s, Fred And Ginger and Champagne in Yorkshire. I plumped for a Down the Garden Path, a refreshing mix of Tanqueray 10 Gin and pear liqueur stirred with Lillet Blanc and fresh rosemary. Potent and dangerously delicious, it was a wise choice. Around us, lucky guests nibbled on canapés that, on further inspection, can be pre-ordered for parties of 20 more. From the opinion of merely a hungry onlooker, the perfectly formed mini cheese board looked exquisite.

In search of food, my guests and I reluctantly left Archer Street, but not before absorbing the atmosphere one last time. The mood that permeates Archer Street really is a special one, offering a certain combination of laid-back comfort and chic rarely perfected by other bars. A mellow soundtrack keeps everything chilled whilst live music periodically throughout the night reminds you that you’re in Soho. The live music may verge on being a little loud in parts, but who wants to be sitting in a bar where you can hear yourself think? All the fun is in screaming across the table to your date!

Reserve a table for the best experience.

3-4 Archer Street, South Soho, London W1D 7AP

0207 734 3342

Written by Rebecca Atherton – 31/8/12