Shape Audio’s Organic Harmony Speakers


Shape Audio Organic Harmony Collection Worlds Most Expensive Speakers lifestyle photoBilled as the first speaker system cast purely from solid precious metal; Shape Audio’s new offering is available in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Designed as musical sculptures, the Organic Harmony speakers stand 53 inches tall and reproduce two channels of audio from within a single housing, which can be made of bronze, silver, or solid 18K gold (as seen here in this example). Each audio channel is served by a 2-inch tweeter and 5-inch midrange firing in opposite directions, and a ported 8-inch woofer fires downward, resulting in a frequency response from 40Hz to 30kHz (±2dB).

“However, with a price range from $416.000 to $6.95 million for their flagship solid gold pair, this is definitely one reserved for the deep-pocketed audiophiles.”