Apple iPhone 4S Billionaire Toys Gold & Platinum limited edition


Stalwart of everything that glistens in the World of exuberant luxury, Stuart Hughes strikes again!….

stuart-hughes-black-and-white-pictureThis time Stuart joins forces with Jo-Emma Larvin to design the Apple iPhone 4S ‘BILLIONAIRE TOYS’ Gold & Platinum limited editions which will be limited to a run of just 1000. This stunning iPhone is uniquely crafted, with each iPhone being fully embellished with 24ct Gold or Platinum and with a hand finished outer frame inlaid with more than 500 crystal stones. The iPhone also comes with a unique Apple logo made utilising 53 hand-set crystal stones. Like the diamond setting process, each stone is individually set in to cut clasps, that run seamlessly along the circumference of the bezel, complimenting the curves of the device while adding lavish seductive detail. They will also come complete with their own individually matching set crystal earphones.

Available after 7th October
Priced @ £3,795

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