Top Ten Castles on the Market

Scotland Castle

Stylish penthouses and magnificent residences are just a few elements that make up the luxury real estate sector. On rare occasions, exceptional castles can be found amongst luxury property listings. At present, there are a number of these rare gems on the market just waiting for the perfect buyer to appreciate the unique beauty and elegance found in this property type. So let’s take a look at the top ten luxurious castles currently on the market.

Caverswall Castle

Caverswall Castle, situated in Staffordshire in the Midlands in the UK is beyond question amongst the most luxurious of this property genre. This magnificent castle dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The dream castle consists of seven lavish suites, six master bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms. All of which comes at a price of 3 million sterling.

Carfield Castle

Carfield Castle located in Hertfordshire in the UK, dates back to the beginning of the 1900’s. The Edwardian style property is made up of seven master suites, five bathrooms and four reception rooms. This intriguing castle is on the market for 2.25 million sterling.

Highfort Court

Situated in the North of London, Highfort Court is a distinguished property, one of four refined residences to be precise, which date back to 1930. The medieval like castle will be auctioned on April 24th starting from 180 thousand sterling.

Impruneta Castle

With an impressive sum of 16 million Euro one of the most striking and ancient properties in Florence, Italy can be purchased. Impruneta Castle has undergone various reconstruction and renovations over the years. From a military fortification the property has developed into a luxurious bourgeois residence.

Castello Ferré

Remaining in Italy, Ferre Castle found at Lago Maggiore is on the market for a total of 3 million Euro. The renowned stylist Gianfranco Ferré purchased the castle in hope to restore the gem of a property, however due to his disappearance in June 2007 it was never completed. The one of a kind castle is surrounded by 12 thousand square meters of land graced with ancient trees, a farm building and two private beaches.

Durham Jasmine House

In the northeast of England, a section of a castle with an extensive garden in Durham can be purchased for around 400 thousand euro.


For 4.2 million euro a fairy-tale castle in Dordogne Valley in France is now on the market. The enchanting castle is immersed in an enormous parkland with a private swimming pool and waterfall with saltwater. The luxurious castle is fitted with ten master bedrooms, an ample living room with a stone fireplace and a library.

Cognac Castle

Second on the list in France, in the Cognac region, a beautiful traditional castle is nestled in lush land looking out onto a river. The wonderful property fits ten master suites in the main residence, along with additional cottages on the premises, which act as guest houses.


Edinburgh in Scotland is home to a fascinating castle in Saltoun Hall. One of the nine apartments which make up the property is now on the market for 300 thousand euro.


Finally, a little French style castle has been built in California not far from San Francisco, overlooking a delightful lake. This captivating castle has recently been put on sale for 12 million euro.

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