3 Gifts for Action Lovers this Christmas


As we enter December, thoughts inevitably turn to gift-giving and, needless to say, we all have different types of people to give gifts to and if one of the people on your list is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie then you’re in luck because we’ve got three great gift ideas for action lovers this Christmas below:

Luxury Supercar Trackday:


Truth be told, what man out there doesn’t love the thought of climbing behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or even a Formula 1 race car? Well, this Christmas you can turn that dream into a reality with a supercar track day experience. For those men that like to live life in the fast lane, there can be few better gifts this Christmas than the opportunity to hear the roar of the engine on a supercar and experience unprecedented speeds that you simply cannot get elsewhere. Lamentably, not everyone has the opportunity to drive a supercar on a daily basis but with a luxury supercar track day experience, you can let someone experience the unbridled joy of being behind the wheel of one of the world’s most luxurious vehicles for a short time at least. A superb gift idea for the adrenaline inclined this Christmas.

Price: £100+

Available: Wish.co.uk.

Titanic Dive:


The Titanic is, of course, one of the most iconic symbols of the 20th century and its sinking on a journey to New York is still remembered to this day. For those who like to experience exhilarating experiences in conjunction with truly poignant moments, then an opportunity to dive down to see the final resting place of the Titanic may be too good an opportunity to be missed. If, however, you’re wanting to give this opportunity as Christmas gift, you’re going to need exceptionally deep pockets because prices for a descent to the Titanic typically start at around the £30,000 mark. This is a once in a lifetime experience and will be a truly unforgettable journey into the abyss to cast eyes on something only a handful of people in the world will have seen.

Price: £30,000+

Available: Blue Fish.

Virgin Galactic:


At the other end of the spectrum to a trip to the depths of the ocean to cast eyes on the Titanic, we have this opportunity to visit space via the impressive looking Virgin Galactic expedition which will take those lucky enough to bag themselves to the edge of our atmosphere and give them a truly jaw-dropping view of planet Earth which, once would have been described as something that “money can’t buy” but, courtesy of Richard Branson et al, all that’s about to change. Again, far from a cheap gift for the adrenaline aficionado this Christmas but one that is going to provide lifelong memories.

Price: $250,000

Available: Virgin Galactic.

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