Luxury Personified with Caramel Baby & Child


Style is something that we all want to portray and this is becoming increasingly evident with children who want to dress just as stylishly as their parents but this opportunity is seldom afforded to them due to the low number of high quality purveyors of children’s clothing and accessories on the market.

There are, however, some bastions of child style out there who uphold the desire of dapper children and Caramel Baby & Child, the fantastic London based children and baby wear clothing company, are definitely one that fall into this category. Offering a truly wonderful array of beautiful clothing for little boys and girls, not to mention newborns, Caramel Baby & Child have forged a mightily impressive reputation for dressing the most stylish children in the world and they now boast stores in the fashion capitals of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong due to the popularity of their impeccably stylish clothing range for children.

Caramel Baby & Child are the brainchild of trained lawyer turned designer, Eva Karayiannis, who had grown disillusioned with the lack of genuinely good quality clothing for children available on the market and decided to tackle the issue head on by designing her own clothes for children and babies and the end result of this is the stunning wares that are to be find on the shelves of the various Caramel Baby & Child stores the world over.



As you can see from the beautiful and wonderfully crafted romper above, Caramel Baby & Child also offer a superb range of newborn baby gifts, which will definitely come in handy this Christmas for those looking for presents for expectant or recent parents. The exemplary craftsmanship of all Caramel’s offerings is entirely unparalleled and it is easy to see why their magnificent clothing and accessories have seen their popularity span the Atlantic and even further afield.


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