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ROCKED is a London-based offering that exists to bring the work of talented, independent jewellery designers to a discerning clientele who want access to the most exciting work on the contemporary jewellery scene. Working on behalf of their clients, ROCKED sources striking pieces of fine jewellery from a diverse range of designers’ collections, or drafts in the appropriate design talent to undertake bespoke commissions.

rocked-london-venus_fly_trap“We’ve found our clients tend to want original or bespoke jewellery pieces, but an overwhelmingly cluttered marketplace combined with a lack of personal leisure time has meant they’ve defaulted to more predictable, traditional offerings. Our aim is to ensure that’s a compromise they no longer have to make,” says Catherine Barr, ROCKED Co-founder.

Underpinning ROCKED’s philosophy is the core belief that….

the value of jewellery lies not only its material components.

“There’s a tendency to judge a piece by the size of its gemstone and by the other precious metals incorporated in it. Whilst our designers source exquisite materials, it is their design skill that ensures you walk away in with something that’s genuinely remarkable. Each designer has different inspirations, styles and methods. What links them together is their exceptional talent.”

“Original but endlessly wearable: that is what defines the work we curate. We don’t believe in investing in a piece, to not then have the pleasure of wearing it. Life’s too short for that, ” says Zoë Hinckley, ROCKED Co-founder.

The founding partners of ROCKED – Catherine Barr and Zoë Hinckley – are ex-advertising executives with more than 10 years combined experience of working in one of the most creatively awarded advertising agencies in the world. Drawn together by a mutual passion for innovative jewellery, both are intent on challenging – and changing – the way that fine jewellery is viewed and purchased.

“We’re both huge advocates of creativity and originality in jewellery design. There are a number of talented, independent designers out there whose work is being overlooked in favour of predictable and unadventurous high-street pieces in a similar price bracket. To us, that’s criminal,” says Barr.

rocked-london-burlesque-ringAnd it isn’t just clients buying for themselves that enlist ROCKED’s services. Choosing a piece for a partner can be both daunting and pressurised, particularly if the item in question is intended to result in that all-important “Yes”. ROCKED wants to remedy that.

“Briefings take place over an espresso or a glass of bubbly at a venue convenient to the client. We want to make the process enjoyable from start to finish and ensure that any concerns about not getting it “right” are put to rest, as we explore multiple avenues and options before recommending a designer or a particular piece. We do the research, so the clients don’t have to,” says Hinckley.

It is this highly personalised approach that Barr and Hinckley believe will allow them to offer their clients most value, building long lasting relationships that will enable them to source proactively from up-and-coming collections on their clients’ behalf.

rocked-london-logo“Personal, unusual, and a sound investment: these are the qualities
that make our work such a
compelling proposition for today’s discerning buyer.”

Telephone: +44 (0) 7851 136899

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