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Alexander and James
Arriving home late [again] from a relentlessly long week, your Friday night finally arrives after several delayed trains, countless bad days and an unhappy boss. You’ve declined various invitations in favour of a moody night in to brood over your impossible week from hell. Great. Your weekend starts here.

But, fear not, it’s about to get significantly better thanks to Alexander and, the premium spirits e-tailer. Backed by liquor connoisseurs Diageo, Alexander and James deliver luxuriously packaged, supreme sprits right to your doorstep. Choose from a tempting range of the finest alcoholic drinks, pick a delivery date, et voila, your weekend takes on the more alluring shape of a margarita, mojito or a good old fashioned G&T – no overpriced, understocked convenience store or off-license necessary.

Alexander & James

So, when my disastrous week ended and all I wanted to do was get home and sulkily hibernate for the weekend, finding an intriguingly large box awaiting discovery on my doorstep was definitely a step towards a better mood.

Inside, lay a sumptuous claret box emblazoned with Alexander & James’ sleek logo and a chic frosted glass bottle of Ketel One Citroen – an irrefutably sophisticated sight to behold. This certainly changed things, weekend-wise. The first thing that came to mind were cocktails, quickly followed by the fact that cocktails are the quintessential ‘girls’ night’ libation. I spared no time in calling up my girlfriends and hastily scheduling a night in for the following evening; my satanic week instantaneously melting from memory.

Alexander & James Ketel One Citroen Vodka

For me, vodka presents the most versatile spirit when it comes to constructing cocktails, especially if you’re not well versed in mixology [that means me] or aren’t a fan of fussy flavours and complicated processes [me, again]. Ketel One’s Citroen vodka, with its clean taste and zesty citric overtones, is no exception. I chose to mix mine with a classic dash of lemonade, a good fistful of ice and a sizeable wedge of lemon – all of which are of course optional (a quick survey around the room and my girlfriends and I agree it’s perfectly palatable neat, if you’re that way inclined).

And if you’re looking for something more adventurous, Alexander & James have kindly rustled up a twist on the classic cosmo recipe online, so of course we gave that a go, too. One of the things that really struck us about Ketel One’s Citroen blend is that it’s surprisingly agreeable to all manner of fruity collaborations. Whether it be blueberry juice, strawberry and apple or the aforementioned lemonade, our tastebuds were happy.

Alexander & James Cocktail

And it gets better if you’ve got some professional making up to do (you know, for the week you’ve just annihilated… and not in a good way), as your boss and/or clients will be indisputably impressed by that claret box and the delectable goods that lay in wait.

To find out more visit the official Alexander & James website.

Written by Jodie Jones

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