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It has been impossible not to notice the regularity with which low quality, high volume clothing stores crop up on the high street. We are beset with them and they have become somewhat of a blight upon our once sartorially excellent high streets here in the city of London. So, it stands to reason, that a bastion of style like the tailors at Budd Shirts acts like a beacon to those refined gentleman who still put some stock in how they dress and want striking hand-crafted dress shirts to go about their daily business.

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Budd Shirts were established in 1910 and they have remained in the same small (but perfectly formed) shop ever since. They have been keeping London’s elite kept in fine bespoke dress shirts for over 100 years now. They have established a reputation all over the world which is made all the more remarkable by the fact they still just have the single store in West London’s Piccadilly Arcade.

Each of the bespoke dress shirts from Budd Shirts are hand-crafted in the cutting room above the shop floor and are made to exacting specifications and from only the finest materials. For anyone with a love of sophiticated style or even those who want to up their elegance levels in 2013, you will certainly find plenty of ways to enhance your sartorial style on the shelves of Budd Shirts.

Budd Shirts 1Budd Shirtmakers, despite the name, don’t simply offer the finest in dress shirts. They also boast an excellent array of accessories for the dapper chap about town. Some of the other items which can be picked up from this timeless gentleman’s store includes bow-ties, braces, socks and waistcoat slips – all of which will complete your overall sartorial look.

A visit to Budd Shirts in Piccadilly will be like stepping back in time to a simpler time when men dressed much more stylishly and one’s wardrobe would be filled with refined dress shirts. If you have an event in 2013 which you want to really push your style-boat out for then you’ll need to make the trip to Budd and they can hand-craft you a bespoke dress shirt that will make you the most dapper chap at the event.

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