Neil Buckley-Jensen, Founder of Little Tree Furniture gives us some tips on upcycling …

Neil Buckley-Jensen Little Tree Furniture colourful chest of drawers

The thing that is quite unusual about the whole concept of luxury goods, is that essentially they are all products that no-one really needs. Now with that in mind I could not help but showcase a few quirky gems from upcycling company Little Tree Furniture to show you what can be done at the opposite side of the market. What they do is take genuine functional pieces of furniture that have been thrown out and give them a new splash of life, and some perhaps now appear more inspirational than in their past lives.

Neil Buckley-Jensen, Founder of Little Tree Furniture gives us a few quick-fire tips to get you upcycling …

“Start small! Don’t throw yourself into a massive project when first turning your hand to upcycling. Photo frames or mirrors are great to start with as they’re generally not too expensive and will let you get used to different techniques”.

Neil Buckley-Jensen Little Tree Furniture colourful chest of drawers

“If you really want a challenge and to create something completely original, you need to start by looking beyond an object’s original function. We salvage wood from old boats, railway lines or even old shutter window doors and use this to build new original pieces of furniture. It might be more time consuming than a simple lick of paint, but the end result is really worth it.”

Neil Buckley-Jensen Little Tree Furniture chest of drawers

“Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll often be out driving and I might go pass a skip or a salvage yard, and I’ll see an old piece of wood, tiles or metal and I’ll instantly be thinking about how I could make that into a coffee table or cupboard. Seize the day and see what’s out there! Make sure you check with the owner before taking anything though!”

Neil Buckley-Jensen Little Tree Furniture country chic cupboard

“If you don’t have anything at home that’s suitable for upcycling, but you’re desperate to give it a go, head to a local car boot sale, flea market, ebay or even a rubbish dump and find a second hand piece of furniture and objects to upcycle. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

Neil Buckley-Jensen Little Tree Furniture drawers

“One of the simplest ways to upcycle furniture is with paint. Be sure to always use a good primer first though (unless the paint contains primer of course). You don’t have to slap on thick coats of paint either as it can be mixed with water to create a washed effect. It’s a great feeling to give something a new life and be a part of this eco-friendly movement.”

“The distressed style is a very popular look at the moment and it’s very simple to achieve. If you have an old piece of furniture that you want to bring up to date, give it one or two coats of paint followed by a wax and sand it down to create an instant distressed look.”

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