The supercar meets high-end luxury in an exclusive collection by Zeus Twelve

Zeus Twelve 2 -11

Fully established as world leaders in the conceptualization of luxury vehicles for the ultra wealthy, Zeus Twelve is a division of Sweden’s Gray Design. With design requests coming in from all over the world, Zeus Twelve are proving good investments for collectors of the world’s finest vehicles, and their new supercar range may just be the most extravagantly luxurious car range to date.

As a fresh new brand, Zeus Twelve has no antiquated values to adhere to, thus allowing the company the flexibility to create custom-made, exciting new models that push the boundaries of design to produce innovative yet timeless masterpieces that put you in an exclusive club few others can experience.

Indeed, at Zeus Twelve exclusivity is the name of the game. Custom-manufactured, handcrafted supercars are made in limited numbers. With a company policy to work only with the best when it comes down to the production of their vehicles, a partnership with Lotus and Mansory ensures cars are engineered to the highest standards in performance and luxury. Designed for the most elaborate and self-indulgent of drivers, Zeus Twelve have placed all their energies into producing visually striking cars that excel in quality and comfort. Sumptuous interior trim and top-of-the-range features ensure that your travels will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired, as well as extremely privileged.

World-class engineering combined with the highest luxury comes in three prestigious models at Zeus Twelve. Gold Rush is for those who want to stand out in even the most vibrant of crowds. Heavily accentuated with gold and chrome, this supercar is a real showstopper, whilst gull wing doors and golden exhaust pipes add a superbly exotic feel.

In the ultimate combination of luxury and speed, the Magnate is a supercar in every sense of the word. With a powerful V8 engine under the hood and sumptuous leather seating inside, this car is the definitive choice of conveyance for high net worth individuals. With the option of bullet proofing from the design stage, the Magnate can be customised according to the statement you wish to make.

Sigma is a supercar designed specifically for the track, with extra emphasis on radical styling. The body is built entirely from carbon fibre and the interior has been designed to incorporate lightweight materials in a luxurious driving environment. The glass canopy allows for clear visibility on the track, although it can also be lowered to enjoy open-cockpit motoring. Chrome highlighting gives the car the detailing that a true supercar deserves.