City of Dreams: Audi launches Audi City London, the new face of car showrooms is virtual

Audi City London in Green Park Piccadilly touchscreen

Using state-of-the-art technology to make use of precious city space, Audi has presented to the world Audi City; a highly innovative digital showroom designed to transport the manufacturer to new heights. Allowing customers to browse vehicles electronically, be prepared to experience the detail of the Audi range in every way possible.

Audi City London in Green Park Piccadilly touchscreenWith an increasing variety of products available, this revolution in car viewing allows not only the vehicle manufacturer to present a growing model line up, but also offers customers the chance to experience the sheer breadth of the range in full in a direct and personal approach. Utilising the best of what virtual technology has to offer, the new Audi City London cyberstore, near Piccadilly Circus, will enable customers to interact with custom made cars via touch screen interaction, promising the ability to design your car from model and engine to finish, and see it driving before you decide to make a purchase. Perhaps most importantly, innovations that were once inaccessible to the client will now be informatively deconstructed, allowing them to be understood on an instinctive level.

With the intention of opening more than 20 new locations in major cities by 2015, this is an endeavour Audi is treating with careful care and consideration. With client ease high on their list of agendas, this is just as much about selling cars and expanding on Audi’s flourishing reputation as it is about showcasing the latest technological trickery.

Described by Audi as offering ‘new freedom for tailor-made services and an even more individual contact with the customer’, this certainly is an ambitious effort from Audi to bring their sales platforms closer to their customers, both geographically and from a customer service perspective.

Audi City London in Green Park Piccadilly consultation meeting at desk

Audi City London in Green Park Piccadilly consultation room

Audi City London in Green Park Piccadilly exterior