Creative Photographer Arteh Odjidja on Ozwald Boateng, LFW and the Leica S2

Arteh Odjidja behind the scenes with Ozwald Boateng at London Fashion Week 2012

Following the raft of enthusiasm we received following our comprehensive coverage of the Burberry grand finale to London Fashion Week, we simply couldn’t resist sharing another one of our favourite brands with you, the man single-handedly responsible for injecting a vibrant contemporary twist into Savile Row, Ozwald Boateng.

Renowned for his typically flamboyant colours, unique cuts and signature collars, Ozwald Boateng’s stunning London Fashion Week collection uncharacteristically featured more tradional muted Autumn Winter tones. The long haired oriental model line-up gave the razor sharp suits that extra element of mystique and sense of cool, once again showing Savile Row how to wow a new generation of bespoke fans.

Arteh Odjidja behind the scenes with Ozwald Boateng at London Fashion Week 2012London based Creative Photographer Arteh Odjidja is a regular on Savile Row and having shot for both E.tautz and Ozwald Boateng amongst other established fashion brands, was our man on the inside, providing a rare insight behind the scenes at the House of Boateng.

Arteh is a photographer with a few extra strings to his bow, having begun his creative career as a graphic designer, his keen eye for composition and detail fused with a passion for bespoke couture naturally led to him working in fashion styling, art direction and photography.

As ardent Leica photographer, Arteh typically shoots with an S2 medium-format camera in the studio or an M9 otherwise, but keen to capture enchanting mystique of the LFW AW12 Ozwald Boateng presentation, he opted to shoot the whole series on the S2, in what he calls live fashion.

“Shooting the London Fashion Week with a Leica combines my two favourite things; high end fashion and a fully engaged shooting experience. The S system is unique in its design as it provides a medium format sensor and Leica’s precision optics with the size and ergonomics of a full frame SLR. With prices starting at £17,095.00 for an S2 body, it is designed for the pro market and delivers on Leica’s enduring promise to provide superior image quality and efficient ergonomic design.” – Arteh Odjidja

Arteh OdjidjaFavourite feature:
The AF Assist in manual focus mode. Just gets you to that focus point with surprising speed and ease.

Camera 1
Leica S2 body
35mm & 70mm Summarit-S lens.
SF58 Flash

Camera 2
M9 Steel Grey
28mm f/2
50mm f/2.5 summarit lenses.

Arteh Odjidja
Photographer | Art Director | Stylist

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