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The launch of the Clive Christian Perfume House in 1999 heralded the return of luxury perfume to the world stage.

As custodian of the British Crown Perfumery first established in 1872 and uniquely granted the image of Queen Victoria’s crown as a symbol of utmost quality and excellence, Clive Christian has revived the original values of the perfumery, creating only pure perfumes with complex formulae that use the most rare and precious ingredients in their most concentrated forms.

clive-christian-perfumes-cClive’s connection to this perfumery began 25 years ago when he and his daughter Victoria found an original bottle from the 1800’s hidden deep in the floorboards of their family home. The Crown Perfumery was gradually finding business more and more difficult, and Victoria’s passion for perfume inspired Clive to revive the perfumery, paying fitting tribute to the rich heritage of the brand; it became the house of Clive Christian. Clive Christian’s vision of luxury perfume was ground breaking in that he drew no reference to cost in the creation of his perfumes culminating in the release of the Definitive Collection headlined by No1, recognised by Guinness World Records as The World’s Most Expensive Perfume, which, in its ultimate presentation – No.1 Imperial Majesty – is valued at £215,000. Clive Christian’s 1872, inspired and named as a tribute to the origins of the perfumery, and X, brimming with natures most powerful aphrodisiacs, complete the Definitive Collection. Clive Christian remains the top selling perfume collection at the most prestigious boutiques and perfumeries around the world. Clive Christian Perfumes have always believed in creating harmonious perfumes; one for men and one for women, two perfumes which perfectly complement each other to create a stunning medley of scent; a concept steeped deeply in the heritage of the brand. Queen Victoria is known for her love of fine perfume; she and Prince Albert expressed their love by exchanging gifts, including custom made, harmonising fragrances. Clive Christian Perfume has been commissioned for presentation to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of their wedding and was chosen by Katie Holmes for her wedding to Hollywood ‘royalty’, Tom Cruise.

After over ten years at the pinnacle of the luxury perfume world, Clive was finally persuaded by loyal clients to release two of his favourite perfumes from his Private Collection – C for Men and C for Women – which officially joined Clive Christian Perfumes in 2011.


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