Influential Gentlemen: Getting in “the Zone” for CEOs

Influential Gentlemen

What if you could get in ‘the zone’ at a moment’s notice? That magic place where flow happens, action feels effortless and you become highly productive. That sweet spot. ‘The Zone’…….. You know what I’m talking about, how it feels to be in the zone, everything just slides into place, doesn’t it? You just happen to be in the right place at the right time, to meet the right person, to make the right deal. Everything you touch, just works out and it’s not a chore. Big deals come off and it isn’t a struggle.

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The Influential Gentlemen think they have figured it out with their fascinating 7 step process and science of decoding optimal performance. They have assembled the UK’s Top 6 human potential experts from different fields to take CEO’s, business leaders and entrepreneurs through the Influential Gentlemen programme.

Psychologists say that you are the average income, well-being, ambition, happiness and intelligence of the 5 people you spend the most time with. In keeping with that principle, Influential Gentlemen have assembled a compelling brotherhood of men dedicated to living life to a higher standard. Think Sir Steven Redgrave coming back after already winning EVERYTHING, for a fifth Olympic Gold, with diabetes, at 38, ‘just because I can’, kind of guys. So far their number includes multimillionaire property developers and heirs to millions. To join, you must go through an intensive interview process, once you make it past the waiting list that is.

‘Show me your friends, and I will show you your future” – Dan Pena the 50 billion dollar man.

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Lazo Freeman, the creator of Influential Gentlemen, is a London socialite and transformation coach you are just as likely to see flying off on jets to Ibiza, perusing the Mediterranean on superyachts with billionaires as seeing him working out at his local gym. Lazo founded this exclusive club in 2013 after seeing the corrosive effects of passive aggressive manipulation, highly stressed environments and the lack of authentic camaraderie amongst the elite.  He created this transformational, 7 step process to bring together men of a similar spirit.

“Tell me what company thou keepst, and I’ll tell thee what thou  art” – Miguel de Cervantes

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Case Study: Nick, was an extremely successful property developer, he had it all, a £21 million pound building in central London, Aston Martin in his garage and all before the age of 35! No doubt, Nick was a high flyer with a stellar trajectory. Everything was going fantastically well until he was dealing with a highly intricate court case thanks to his £300 million pound property development deal, which left him extremely stressed out. Nick was paying QC’s £10,000 an hour and more to get this deal to come through and he just wasn’t in the zone; his mind was clouded, he was becoming emotional and he wasn’t his usual rational self. In short, he was making expensive mistakes taking out his temper on his team and the people important to him in life which made his company and personal life suffer. These slip ups aren’t accepted at the high level playing field he was at. This is where Lazo came in with the performance management principles (now found in the Influential Gentlemen) which are based on neuroplasticity, evolutionary  psychology and energy management, and with it he was able to advise Nick on transforming his mindset and instantly recognize where he was going wrong and thus provide a bespoke solution for many areas of his life, business, personal relationship and health. Nick was left strengthened with more resolve, able to objectify situations and take control of them, while looking great in a suit. It is through the same system, that Lazo has built a wealth of knowledge having coached some of the most able men in London, putting them in the unique position of learning from business leaders and CEO’s. The results of this timely intervention will shape London for the foreseeable future.

Pritan Ambroase, the Global Luxury Brand Ambassador of CDCLifestyle and Emporio Prive Vogue says, “I can personally vouch for the effectiveness and efficiency of Influential Gentlemen and their team. Three of the people in this group, Dominic Knight, Massimo Stocchi and Lazo Freeman are my close personal friends. I know them to be excellent in their careers and also their contribution to society as a whole. I count on them for advice and guidance on several aspects. These three people and their team are also the Who’s Who of London and the world. I strongly support their project titled Influential Gentlemen.”

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The Influential Gentlemen team has brought together a formidable team of human potential experts to do the same but within an exclusive members club. The Influential Gentleman’s 7 step process is a results guaranteed programme for those seeking to play a bigger game, become even more influential in their social circle and live the good life. You can find out more about the 7 step process and the 50 modules they cover at Download a brochure and make sure to get on the waiting list for one of  their events. You can also email to get registered for an upcoming event.

The Global Luxury Brand Ambassador Pritan Ambroase has made the latest edition of his non-profit foundation HUMANS OF OUR WORLD live and more information can be found by clicking here Humans of our World – Nepal Edition. They are currently helping the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, helping to rebuild Nepal and making sure the world continues to remember Nepal.