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With spring now firmly upon us, many homeowners are turning their attention to spring cleaning and their interior design endeavours. Most of us like to change the look and feel of our homes from time to time and there is now better time to embark on this than spring when you can adopt the whole “out with old in with the new” policy.

There are various items that really help make a difference when it comes to decorating a space and one such item that many homeowners will be opting for this spring are the immeasurably attractive and undeniably cool Thonet chairs which boast a sort of effortless Parisian cool that makes them ideally suited to modern, understated homes.

The most famous chair to emerge from the Thonet stable of chairs is the No.14 Thonet Chair and this is the sort of furniture that you’ll typically find in the bistros and restaurants of Paris. You can check out this iconic piece of furniture for yourself below:


Understated furniture is set to be the big thing in 2014 and Thonet chairs are as understated and stylish as they come and they make a great addition to any room in the home but most will choose to use them in the kitchen as this room is best suited to the design of the chairs.

Thonet chairs first came into existence in the 19th century when Austrian / German designer, Michael Thonet, began to craft a variety of chairs utilising a unique bent wood finish and the popularity of Thonet chairs, such as the visually appealing No. 14 chair above, has endured well into the 21st century and this really is testament to the designer’s skill and visionary nature.


You can see a selection of these wonderful chairs over at ThonetChairs.com.


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