Luxury Summer Fashion Accessories

Designer Sunglasses

If fashion is something you care about, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of advice by now regarding summer style trends. Every year there are new fashion lines and concepts making the rounds in store windows, on fashion blogs and in magazines, and these ads and suggestions set the trends for what the fashion-conscious wear for the season. But taking things a step further past obvious trends, here are a few luxurious fashion items and accessories that can give you that extra touch of glamour you’re looking for in your summer style!

Designer Sunglasses
There’s a growing trend toward cheaper sunglasses as a few philanthropic companies have emerged with popular frames and appealing missions. These are wonderful, but if luxury is your thing, don’t skip the designer sunglasses this summer. You only get a few months a year to show them off, so use them!

Aqua Sheer summer dress

Aqua Sheer
You’ve probably seen something about “aqua” being a trend in and of itself this summer. From water prints on sundresses to water themed colours, the trend is very much a part of summer fashion. To take advantage of it in the most stylish and chic way possible, though, combine it with sheer. A few aqua sheer outfits simply scream to those around you about your fashion sensibility, and have an elegant luxury to them.

Rose Gold Ensembles

Rose Gold Ensembles
Rose gold is mentioned in a lot of summer style commentary for 2013, but to take full advantage of the trend it’s best to take it overboard in this instance. One of the unique things about rose gold is that it doesn’t go very well with other shades and types of jewellery, and this means that if you want to use it for a particularly luxurious look, it’s best to go with heavy rose gold. In other words, don’t just wear the bracelet – wear the necklace, the earrings, and the second bracelet. Show off this sexy summer metal.

Oversized Summer Hats

Oversized Summer Hats
Plenty of people have a standard oversized beach hat, but one of the simplest and most affordable ways to give yourself a glamorous look this summer is to find one for everyday wear about town. Check out some of the wide brim and bow hat offerings at M&S for a few beautiful options that can give you that undeniably glamorous “Gatsby” vintage look.

Black and White summer dress

Black & White
Summer is all about colour for a lot of people, but with vintage looks popular this year, black & white attire is a great way to make a stylish statement. It stands out, but it’s chic and has a luxury feel to it. Don’t be afraid to strut down the beach in black & white!

Fancy Diamonds and Gemstones

Fancy Diamonds & Gemstones
From colourful gemstones to fancy diamonds (diamonds that show off natural colour rather than appearing clear), bright vibrant jewellery is in, and adds an immediate talking point to any outfit. Show off your taste in gems with a few unique pieces.

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