6 Steps to Program your mind for Daily Happiness by top Harley Street Hypnotherapist Dominic Knight


On the eve of his appearance on Sunrise on Sky News, Dominic Knight shares his tips on how to be happy everyday.

He provides us with the formula: 6 Steps to Program your mind for Daily Happiness

95% of everything you do is determined by your habits of thinking. From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night, your thought patterns largely control and dictate the words you say, your actions and what you feel. Successful, happy people have good habits of thinking that are life enhancing. Unhappy people have habits of negative thinking that affect the entire bio-chemistry and brain chemistry and if you are thinking negative fearful thoughts you are instantly creating toxicity in your body. So let’s work on detoxifying your thoughts!

Fortunately, all habits of thinking are both learned and learn-able. You can learn to change how you think. If you are excessively negative you are attempting to try and protect yourself from something bad happening; this in essence creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and results in poor health and potential bad circumstances. Remember the Olympics last year the whole country where behind our heroes that overcame the obstacles put in front of them, we would have never applauded if there was no challenge! As you learn that life is both positive and negative instead of polarizing to one side, keep in mind that it’s our challenges that define us and once we rise above them, we have victories in life:

1. On awakening, positively visualise yourself accomplishing the most important tasks of the day.
2. If negative chatter formulates in your mind turn it into positive.
3. Focus on what’s going right with your life from a place of love and gratitude (Research now shows this stops the primitive part of the brain which is responsible for anxiety from being triggered).
4. Recognise in every difficulty there is always an opportunity.
5. Chunk down into small pieces what needs to be done in your life to get you to where you want to be.
6. Remember all the things you have always wanted to do in life…Now Go Do It!

Dominic Knight will be appearing on the breakfast time programme “Sunrise” on Sky News at 8:20 am tomorrow 5 June 2013. Watch him work his magic live on TV and see this top Harley Street hypnotherapist in action. He will also be speaking on 14 different radio stations throughout the day.


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