London 2012 Olympics official opening ceremony getting underway today 27/7/12

Andy Murray holds up the Olympic torch

All eyes firmly fixated on the Capital today for undisputedly the biggest sporting event in the world. Following the customary torch relays which brought about an unexpected, yet perfectly timed heatwave to scorch the City to the glorious back-drop of picture-perfect blue skies, the London 2012 Olympics is now underway.

London Olympic Stadium

Below you can download the full official London 2012 Olympic schedule direct to your calendar to ensure you do not miss a single event

London 2012 Olympics torch relay

If you are lucky enough to have procured some Olympic tickets for any of the events then read on to get our top 5 tips to getting in quickly:

l. Security checks are an essential part of ensuring the Games run smoothly without incident, so however frustrating the checks are and laborious the queues may be, ensure you arrive early like you would for an international flight at a commercial airport. Thoroughly check the venue information for details of your recommended arrival time.

2. Bring as little possessions with you as possible, because the more you take then unfortunately the longer it will take for you to get through Olympic security. Only one small rucksack or a handbag is permitted per person and it must be compact enough to fit under your seat during the Games. If you can avoid bringing any baggage at all then that would ensure the swiftest possible passage through security for yourself and others

3. Be sure to read the list of prohibited or restricted items before setting off because you will find that the list is pretty extensive and best not to get caught out. One of our top tips is to bring a small bottle with you, as you are not permitted to bring in liquids over 100ml, including water. As most venues you can bring an empty plastic water bottle and fill it up at water points inside venues. If you are intending to make the most of what the Olympics has to offer then there is a wide range of food available to buy.

4. Further to arriving early we also advise that you leave with plenty of time to allow for travel as there will be delays on everything ranging from road traffic to restricted flight paths for those flying in on helicopter. Why not read our full article on how to navigate London 2012 Olympics traffic by CLICKING HERE!

5. Last of all, when it comes to paying for things, the only way to pay is cash or Visa (debit, credit or prepaid card). More importantly, just go out enjoy yourself and fingers-crossed that team Great Britain and bag enough Gold’s to bring this one home.


Andy Murray holds up the Olympic torch_____________________________________________________________________________________________


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