Toast your father with this extremely rare bottle of vintage Cognac Frapin Cuvee 1888

cognac frapin cuvee 1888 bottle in leather carry case

The rarest blend of Cognac to be released for many years, this bottle of 1888 vintage Frapin Cuvee is a spectacular choice of drink to enjoy with your Dad this Father’s day. Selected from the most precious stock, some even predating 1888, this Cognac is an extraordinary tribute to the achievements of the company founder, Pierre Frapin, the original owner of one of the leading Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru vineyards in Cognac.

In 1888, Monsieur Frapin replanted the vineyard decimated by the Locus fly, Phylloxera with American rootstock from Denison Texas. That same year, he was preparing to participate in the World Fair of 1889 in Paris. As Gustave Eiffel was entering the final stages of construction of his famous tower, Pierre Frapin was busy selecting the cuvee that would be awarded a gold medal. This Gold Medal is still kept in the “Eiffel Cellar” at the Frapin estate in Segonzac, where Eiffel was subsequently commissioned to design a commemorative “chai” which today remains a local landmark.
A blend of very old Grande Champagne cognacs distilled on their lees and kept in the tranquil dark cellars of the Château de Fontpinot, Cuvée 1888 has superb floral notes of the Folle Blanche grape, which is no longer used for making cognac.

“Its highly complex aromas show notes of dried fruit, walnuts and hazelnuts, raisins and prune with candied orange and enchanting balsamic, roasted, toasty notes of cocoa and tonka beans and coffee. The heart is a sublime harmony of vine flowers with a splash of everlasting flowers mingling with the sweetness of linden on a background of pepper, sweet spice, summer flower honey and vanilla, leather and precious woods.”

Such a rare Frapin Cognac could only be housed in a fine crystal decanter – and this is designed in the shape of a spinning top.
“It is like the ones used on board the ships that exported cognac around the world and whose curves reflect the smoothness of the cognac inside.”
The doors of the travel case are transparent, allowing the distinctive curves of the decanter and the 24 carat fine gold thread which winds around it, to be seen.
The decanter is fashioned from blown glass at the Cristalleries Royales de Champagne. The spiraling thread and the 24 carat fine gold stopper were made by Les Etains d’Anjou andthe entire travel case is protected by a matching suede bag, tied with a golden cord.

This cognac is a blend of complex aromas of dried fruits, nuts, raisins, plums and hints of candied orange inviting scents of balsamic and roasted cocoa, Tonco beans and coffee. It conceals a subtle burst of pepper highlighted by a touch of lime: spicy notes softened by the floral aroma expressing finesse and elegance and promises to make a fantastic gift this Father’s Day.

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