My Croatian holiday at Villa Dubrovnik

Ever fancied a break away from a break? Well, when I didn’t think I could get any more relaxed on my Croatian holiday, Villa Dubrovnik made it so.

We arrived at what appeared to be a fancy tardis which turned out to be an entrance to a glass lift, which takes you down the cliff face to reception.

Beginning in the spa, we were offered sound and light therapy, Turkish baths, a steam room and sauna. By chance we had it all to ourselves so we skipped from room to room trying everything out. We ended our spa session laying on curved wooden beds drinking herbal tea and eating “healthy” nuts.

So as not to miss out on the sun, we ventured outside past the large swimming pool to the sunbeds, which were nicely distanced from one another, allowing for privacy. The beds came with huge fluffy towels.
I’m an impatient sunbather, so within about 10 minutes I made my descent down the long, broad steps into the creamy water of the pool.

The architecture has smooth infinity lines that break the landscape up into artistic compositions. Every piece of furniture is well considered from a design point of view and is high quality,very clean and finished in soft, comfortable fabrics.

Colours are white, navy, cream, wood and natural light stone; which created a calming and softening effect. They have a library room with lazer cut floaty curtains that break up the space. The terraces are vast and contain lots of places to relax in private.

After a stroll around the grounds I was taken on a tour of the rooms, each had their own specific layout to suit the space and individual needs. You can choose from standard rooms, all of which have their own balcony with excellent views of the sea or there are larger rooms with hot tubs either inside the rooms or on your own private balcony. There are only 42 rooms at Villa Dubrovnik, which means that you don’t bump into many of the other guests, considering the overall size of the building and it’s grounds, making it the perfect secluded getaway.

Lunch was a long, leisurely affair with views out to sea and the various yachts and speedboats gliding about, whilst the sun filtered and dappled through the trees.

Gabriel, our waiter, was very charming and recommended wine to suit our chosen courses.

To start we had calamari and a creamy walnut tagliatelle, followed by chicken and bacon skewers and catch of the day which was sea bass, served on a bed of spinach and red kidney beans. We couldn’t manage dessert so had an espresso instead to try and perk ourselves up.

After being well and truly stuffed with goodness we scampered (slowly) down the rocks to Villa Dubrovnik’s private beach and relaxed on the stripy loungers. Yet again, I got too hot and so took to the sea via some swimming pool style steps.

Getting out was more of a challenge due to the choppy waves, but my heroic man went first and then pulled me ashore with one arm, it was rather like the pinnacle scene of a movie.

Feeling somewhat exhilarated from the sea experience and relaxed from the spa and lunch we called it a day as the sun set, threw on our clothes and walked to the nearby decking which presented to us (right on time) a fancy boat which took us back to the old town of Dubrovnik. The views of the island were beautiful and it was an excellent way for us to get our bearings, having spent most of our time in Croatia on foot.

Overall the service at Villa Dubrovnik was spot on, the staff were attentive but never overbearing. If you want to stay in your own oasis, without being too far from the fun of Dubrovnik, then this place is ideal.

Written by Elizabeth Danon