Lunar celebrations at The Kronenhof Spa – Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina

The Kronenhof Spa - Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina Engadin moonlight

What better way to enjoy the full moon than either moonlight skiing or the indulging in some luxurious rest and recuperation at the finest Alpine Spa there is? The Kronenof Spa (as pictured in gallery above) has an impressive swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, saunas, steam baths, a saltwater grotto, stone grotto steam room and even a walk-in flotation area?. But as if that wasn’t all that was on offer, The Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina is fully throwing itself into the Engadin’s Full Moon celebrations this March, starting on Wednesday 7th March with moonlit skiing from 7:30pm to 11:15pm on the ski area of Diavolezza. A traditional tummy-warming fondue in the mountain restaurant at the top of Diavolezza is followed by a peaceful descent of the slopes, taking on dramatic monochromatic shapes under the light of the moon. We would say it’s amazing, but the locals, speaking in Romansh, say it’s simply “fabulus”, which means like a fable or fairy tale – which is a far more evocative way to describe the incredible experience.

Thursday 8th March is the day of the Full Moon and there is a guided snow-shoe tour of the Muottas Muragl mountain, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. Muottas Muragl is said to have the most beautiful views in the Engadin, so it makes sense that a slow, gentle walk has been planned that will allow participants to really savour the mystical beauty of the Alpine vistas. The walk lasts for about 90 minutes, followed by well-deserved cakes and mugs of mulled wine in the panoramic restaurant, before the oldest funicular in the Engadin takes the group back down to the valley.

The Kronenhof Spa - Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina Engadin moonlight

On Friday 9th March, between 6pm and 11pm, visitors will have a rare chance to ride on the Rhaetian Railway by the light of the full moon to the Alp Grüm/Bernina Pass. Sitting in the observation car, with its glass sides and roof, guests will be served a complimentary aperitif before the train starts off along its UNESCO World Heritage run. Grandstand views of the magical world of imposing mountains and mighty glaciers will be accompanied by the rich history of the region, as told by local experts.

This special night-time trip begins in Pontresina (or St. Moritz), from where the train climbs past the ancient icy glaciers of the Bernina Massiv and onward to Alp Grüm. One of the high points – literally – of this trip is a meal in the Ristorante Albergo Alp Grüm at 2,091 metres above sea level, as twilight falls. On the return journey, with the full moon shining in all its glory, the lights of the train will be switched off and classical music will accompany the stunning views – your Veltlin wine will be sure to taste twice as good!

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