The Lancasters Hyde Park – Lawson Robb show apartment

The Lancasters Hyde Park Lawson Robb interior design show apartment

Highly acclaimed architectural and interior design specialists Lawson Robb appear to have cracked the international design code, inspiring a multitude of nationalities and cultures with a single show apartment which has just been reveal at The Lancasters, Hyde Park.

Frustrated with the lack of cohesion between architects and interior designers, Alix Lawson and Charlotte Robb joined forces in 2003 to raise the bar in communicative design and provide the ultimate turn-key service. Thanks to increased design exposure to the corners of the earth, cunning analysis and of course crackingly good taste, LAWSON ROBB have excited the world of agents and developers by coming up with a strategically alluring design style that appeals to the broadest possible market of international high net worth buyers.

Over the last eight years, LAWSON ROBB have ardently pursued the art of style invention. Alix Lawson, joint founder, commented: ”As the finders of design and style solutions, a key skill lies in our ability to extract then translate our client’s personalities, standard of living and style. The pursuit of design perfection and creating a client’s ultimate dream home is not just a necessity but also a passion.”

Charlotte Robb added:”Having the day to day experience of working closely on private residential projects with the market clientele, an in-depth understanding of their aspirations, cultures, lifestyles and level of detail and quality expected, allowed us to confidently identify the most effective scheme to capture and excite the differing tastes of this discerning global high net worth buyer.”

The Lancasters Hyde Park Lawson Robb interior design show apartment

It was evident from initial scrutiny that there are certain common threads that appeal to all: superior quality, luxurious and unusual finishes and materials, natural but rich colour palettes and meticulous detailing. A scheme not too elaborate but not plain, impressive but not ostentatious would be the answer.

Further inspiration was drawn from elements of the predominant cultural: the rich intricate inlays of the Middle East; the vibrancy of Southern Asia; American understated classical detailing paired with the simple lines and impeccable quality of European design. The calm proportions and structured patterns of the Far East were also important influences, as well as the idea of incorporating subtle elements of more opulent detailing seen in traditional Russian design.

Layering of these select elements allowed their harmonious marriage into a stylishly balanced scheme of understated luxury and sophistication. Materials used include silver leaf, pyrite, leather, rich walnut, lacquer, metal, velvet, silk wallpaper, marble, antique mirror.

Unveiling of this ‘International Style’ in the Lancasters show apartment has caused quite some excitable ripples and significant interest from the agents, developers and clients alike.


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