Mahiki – tropical escape in the heart of Mayfair


“A Tiki-themed Polynesian-Palace of flower adorned Honolulu Honeys, mind-altering cocktails and a tropical blend of upfront music and sizzling hot stunners”

Situated across the road from the illustrious Ritz and The Wolseley, the calibre of it’s neighbours already gives away the fact that this venue is bound to be something special, but nothing could prepare you for the ‘tikiley-wondrous’ world that lurks within. Mahiki is all about light-hearted fun, so forget seriousness and take it all in with a pinch of salt… slice of lime….and wash it down with an ‘El Jimador’ tequila.

Set over two floors, the entire venue just buzzes with vibrant energy, from the warm welcomes of the truly luscious flower-adorned Honolulu Honeys, to the irresistibly delicious fresh fruit cocktails that keep everyone inspired and bouncing around with tropical rhythm. Originally conceived back in 2005 by London Nightclub luminaries Nick House and Piers Adam, Mahiki has now developed a reputation for being one of Mayfair’s favourite Celebrity haunts, having hosted everyone from young Royals William & Harry to Kanye West, Jay-Z & Beyonce (pictured below left).

Tables bookings are subject to a standard £500 minimum spend, whilst admission otherwise ranges from free to £15, seemingly dependant upon what time you arrive, your sex and/or how much effort you made. You really have to make it a cocktail evening to appreciate Mahiki for it’s true worth, with shared drinks definitely being the way to go. There are so many cocktails to choose from and watching them being made by the personable team of mixologists is half the fun. My top recommendation would have to be the ‘Treasure Chest’ (essentially a chest crammed with exotic fruit and topped up to the brim with Champagne). Other noteworthy contenders are the three-person Bikini Blast, four-person Zombie (with various rums and absinthe), or the eight-person Mystery Drink, which will always remain a mystery. If you’re spoilt for choice, just spin the Mahiki Wheel-of-Fortune (pictured below).

While Mahiki may not be the most exclusive Mayfair has to offer, it is definitely a must-see club on the circuit and a breath of fresh-air amidst the medley of ‘members-only’ clubs that make up the rest of Mayfair. To top it all off they are currently promoting their own branded Coconut Rum and offering an all-inclusive VIP tight out. So if you haven’t already savoured the tiki-delights of Mahiki, this is your chance.

Reviewed by Sam Bryan-Merrett


(all pictures provided by Mahiki and competition courtesy of Brompton Drinks Ltd)

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