The Art Collection at Vancouver’s Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Vancouver Hawks Rest Rodney Graham Room

From Canadian masters to emerging local artists, experience Canada’s art history at the new Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver’s most historic luxury hotel, is home to a very exclusive collection of art, curated by international art consultancy firm, Farmboy Fine Arts® in collaboration with and owned by Georgia Development Limited, the owners of the hotel.

In keeping with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ guiding principle, A Sense of Place®, the creation of an exquisite collection of Canadian art was a vital componant to the new interiors of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, anchoring the property to Canada’s west coast.

“We are thrilled to introduce one of the country’s largest private collections of Canadian art, housed within the historic walls of our beautiful hotel,” says Steve Halliday, Managing Director of Rosewood Hotel Georgia. “We believe the addition of such an outstanding collection of Canadian masters and emerging artists will effectively enhance the guest experience, and ultimately tie the property to Canada’s dramatically scenic west coast.”

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Vancouver Front Desk artwork

Vancouver-based Farmboy Fine Arts® aquired, commissioned and created an art package of over 200 pieces of arts, exlusively Canadian with the exception of British artist Patrick Hughes. Hughes’ two pieces in his groundbreaking ‘Reverspective’ style – Internity located in the hotel lobby and Warholiday in the entrance to The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia – are a world-class addition to the collection and the pioneering pieces are drawing the attention of hotel guests and Vancouverites alike.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Vancouver lounge artwork

A few other highlights of this incredible collection include: Douglas Coupland’s Electric Canadian Landscape paintings – a contemporary and unequivocally west coast collection, which greets guests at the Port Cochere entrance; noted as the founding father of Canadian modern art, Guido Molinari’s two pieces in the lobby lounge 1927, inspired notable First Nations artist Ray Natraoro’s The Messanger, which also occupies this intimate space; Sonny Assu continues to push the boundaries of contemporaty art by challenging the perception of Aboriginal art – Spawned is located beside the entrance to the Bowden Room and a number of pieces from his iDrum series are dotted throughout the building.

Additions to the collection include a phenomenal limited edition print by Damien Hirst, entitled Big Love with Diamond Dust and a signature installation, Anamorphic Psychomania Variation by Rodney Graham, both located within Hawksworth Restaurant, Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s signature restaurant.

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$235 per room (£146)* per night in a deluxe room.

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