Foxcroft & Ginger …visit any time of day

I’m a big fan of Soho; seemingly entirely lit by plump neon signs it’s the place to properly lose yourself in London. The small alley ways and networks of streets take you from a proper old boozer (on almost every corner), to cute little modern bars that sparkle enticingly.

This makes Soho a fairly fast paced and buzzy place, which is where Quintin Foxcroft and his wife Georgina (a proud redhead) come in to the story. They found there was a lack of places in Soho where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings.
They wanted to create a unique atmosphere where you don’t feel hurried and can visit any time of day, rather than being moved along into the hustle and bustle of Soho. Enter Foxcroft & Ginger …

We found them tucked around the back of one of the quieter streets, where you wouldn’t normally venture. I have a feeling this is the best place to have your pit stop whether its pre-theatre or bar crawl, either to get things going or to chill out. As you walk in there’s an old gym horse stacked with local magazines, great for if you want to check out the local area over a coffee or if you fancy having some me time. The decor is stripped back but with comfortable with long sofa seats and chunky wooden tables. The lighting is soft and the room is illuminated by, yup, a neon sign at the front of the building. I don’t tend to notice music if its playing in restaurants but this place plays a brilliant selection of modern yet tasteful tunes.

Their menu transforms throughout the day, but with a constant base ingredient of freshly baked sourdough. The great thing about their menu is that our decision was made simple – pizza is served in the evening, burgers (or saucy buns) during the day and various breakfast combinations in the morning.

They had a quite the selection of unusual toppings which set us to drooling mode instantly. We began with some olives and their signature sourdough as we started on a fruity red. For our mains we chose the Slow Cooked Pork with Chilli, Mozzarella and Smokey Tomato Sauce alongside the Chorizo with Roasted Pepper, Goats Cheese and Tomato. Both were thin based and delicious. They’re also very reasonably priced, which I wasn’t expecting considering our location.

We were quite stuffed from our pizzas and so had the leftovers boxed up for (dare i say it) next day pizza – the best kind, and a brownie was discreetly placed on top. One thing I would absolutely recommend is their “knock your socks off” espresso! It’ll leave you ready to roll out on the streets of Soho with a spring in your step.

The staff were lovely; incredibly warm, welcoming and cheerful, with a decent knowledge of the ingredients and wines.

My aim for this place is to come back for a long brunch that turns into an accidental lunch.

Written by Elizabeth Danon

3 Berwick Street, Soho
London W1F 0DR