Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair

wishbone chair

Designer furniture is an essential cog in the interior design machine and there are some pieces out there which really have become iconic in their own right. One such piece of designer furniture which certainly falls into this bracket is that of the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair which, having been originally released back in 1949, is just as popular today amongst interior design experts in the know.

A superbly stylish piece of designer furniture that will help bring any room to life, the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair has definitely got all the hallmarks of a design classic. It is so called due to the shape of the chair back and, with an eye-catching, ergonomic design, it is a suitable piece for any room in the home. Many people will use if for dining chairs around a table whereas others dot them around their houses because not only is the Wishbone Chair exceptionally comfortable, it is also one of the most visually appealing and sought after pieces of designer furniture of the 2oth century.



wish bone chair

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