Phonotikal Clear Wood turntable is the epitome of style meets quality with vibration actuation technology

Phonotikal 2 -1

Take a look at this Clear Wood turntable from family-run business, Phonotikal, based in Prague. Specialising in manufacturing high-end turntables for discerning audiophiles, just one of Phontikal’s latest offerings is the Clear Wood turntable; a luxurious specimen which can be actuated with up to three actuators and produced essentially from varying length of arm of addresses acrylic or stainless steel base.

picture of Phonotikal Clear Wood turntable

Faultless in design and audio output, the component parts used in the creation of the Clear Wood turntable are of the finest quality and origin, and the father/son duo that has fuelled the creative genius behind the masterpiece boasts rich experience, allowing them to come up with such beautiful creations.

The classy, hand-mounted turntable features three cylindrical weights for stability along with the three firm feet to ensure that no vibration is transferred to the drive chassis of the turntable, guaranteeing that not only is style unrivalled, but so is sound quality.

picture of Phonotikal Clear Wood turntable


Written by Rebecca Atherton – 28/8/12