The CDCLifestyle roundup of top men & ladies luxury watches for 2012

u-boat watch

For all the timepiece magpies and chrono-connoisseurs, if you’re a fan of luxury watches like us, then chances are you’ll be keen to find out which brands are set to big in 2012. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s going to be rich pickings for both men’s and ladies watches as leading names such as Tag Heuer and Bremont release new collections onto the market. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at which luxury watches will be vying for your attention in 2012:

10 – Bremont Watches
Designed by British watchmaking brothers, Nick and Giles English, Bremont watches are certainly one of the most luxurious and stylish ladies and mens watches on the market. Typically costing between $2000-5000, they’re not cheap but they’re certainly money well spent. Check out the Bremont watch below:

Bremont watches

9 – IWC Watches
Heralding from North West Switzerland, IWC watches are amongst the most revered on the market and understandably so when you consider their effortlessly stylish design and incredible precision. IWC watches boast numerous stunning collections and typically cost around the $5000 mark – check out the IWC from the Portofino collection below:

IWC watch

8 – Chronoswiss Watches
Not one of the more well-known brands of luxury timepiece but Chronoswiss watches are all set to make a name for themselves into 2012. A relative new-comer to the market, founded in 1981, the German watchmaker only makes a certain amount of watches each year, so if you’re after a Chronoswiss in 2012, act fast! See a watch from their Pacific collection below:

ChronoSwiss watch

7 – U-Boat Watches
These breath-taking watches were crafted for the Italian navy during the Second World War and their naval feel continues to this day. U-Boat watches are famed for their oversized faces and unique design and typically cost around $2000-5000. One of the most sought after collections from the U-Boat stable are the Flightdeck – check one out below:

u-boat watch

6 – Graham Watches
Another luxury watch brand that is set for a big 2012 is Graham Watches, designed and developed by British inventor, George Graham in the 18th Century. Crafted from the finish Swiss components and with a highly striking design, Graham watches are definitely one to keep an eye on over the next 12 months – see one of their eye-catching timepieces below:

Graham watch

5 – BRM Watches
One of the few watchmakers to herald from France, BRM watches are a little out of the ordinary and offer an incredible level of mechanical sophistication. With only 2000 timepieces emerging from the BRM factory each year, you’ll have to act fast to get your hands on one in 2012. Take a look at one of the most popular BRM watches below:

brm watch

4 – Baume & Mercier Watches
Another Swiss watchmaker with a rich history, established in 1834 and continuing to make beautiful watches to this day. There is an understated elegance to Baume and Mercier watches which makes them incredibly popular with fashion conscious types who don’t want to be overly showy with their choice of timepiece. Take a look at the Baume and Mercier watch from the Hampton collection below:

baume & mercier watch

3 – Bell & Ross Watches
Designed by aerospace engineers, you know you’re not getting any ordinary watch when you choose a Bell and Ross and this is something that is set to make them increasingly popular in 2012. With an oversized face and distinct aviation feel, they are ideally suited to action-loving men but you’ll need deep pockets as most Bell & Ross watches cost over $2000 – including the one from their Vintage collection below:

bell & ross watch

2 – Tag Heuer Watches
If you’ve even the slightest knowledge of the luxury timepiece market, chances are you will have heard of Tag Heuer watches. If you haven’t then you’re in for a treat in 2012 as the Swiss watchmaker releases more stunning collections onto the market. They already offer numerous highly sought after collections, such as the Monaco, Carrera and Aquaracer and you can expect to pay between $1000-5000 for most Tag Heuer watches, such as the Monza below:

tag heuer watch

1 – Panerai Watches
Taking the top spot for which luxury watches to look out for in 2012 is Panerai watches. A relatively low-key brand but one that is famed for the incredible craftsmanship that goes into all their timepieces. They boast the best of both worlds as they are Italian designed with Swiss components and craftsmanship – something that produces some truly stunning results. Check out the beautiful Panerai Luminor watch below:

panerai watch

Feature written by: Leo Parker 8/2/12

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